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The New Face of Globalization...
Evgeny Morozov  | 29 Jun 2006
... has Asian rather than European or American features. Lessons from the Mittal Steel takeover of Arcelor. (Read)
Identity Crisis and Schools
Jason Miks  | 29 Jun 2006
Many Japanese are beginning to long for what they see as a pre-war (WWII) focus on tradition, community and patriotic values.  (Read)
'The Most Optimistic Country in the World'
Val MacQueen  | 28 Jun 2006
Indians are ditching the loincloth in favor of designer goods. Val MacQueen on how retail therapy trumps yoga for relaxing tired nerves. (Read)
Winning One for the GIPper?
Andy Jackson  | 23 Jun 2006

Disagreements over an industrial park in North Korea may kill a proposed free trade agreement between South Korea and the United States.

Time to Do the Deal
Charles Finny  | 22 Jun 2006
What would a WTO deal cover, and why do things look different this time? (Read)
Doha Held Hostage
Alan Oxley  | 20 Jun 2006
Why are India and Brazil pushing for an ineffective approach to delivering benefits to owners of biological resources? (Read)
Vietnam, US Mend Fences
Fred Stakelbeck  | 20 Jun 2006
Two recent events -- one military in nature, the other economic -- have propelled U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relations forward, mending, to a considerable degree, a vital strategic relationship that was severed over thirty years ago by a devastating decade-long war. (Read)
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