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Jerry Bowyer
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Contributor, TCS

Jerry Bowyer is a radio and television talk show host. You can reach him through his web page: http://www.jerrybowyer.com.

Articles by Jerry Bowyer
Mr. Murdoch, Don't Buy It—Build It
16 May 2020
The Bancroft family did you a big favor. They refused to sell the Dow Jones Company to you for more than it's worth. Here's my advice: thank God, go home and then build the world's best business news organization from scratch. If you still want to buy an established brand, buy Forbes. The Forbes family is chock full of creative people, and their business branding is better than Dow Jones. And besides, the Forbeses, unlike the Bancrofts, actually seem to like capitalism.
Apocalypse Not
10 May 2020
There's a whole cottage industry of apocalyptic financial 'journalism'. Jerry Bowyer on Dow 13,300: the losers.
Ismail Ax: The Shooter Was Another 'Son of Sacrifice'
18 Apr 2020

This morning I read that the Virginia Tech shooter died with the name Ismail Ax written in red ink on his arm. The mainstream press doesn't seem to have a clue as to what this might mean. To quote Indiana Jones, "Didn't any of you guys go to Sunday School?"

Mises vs. Imus
13 Apr 2020
How the market punished a racist.
The Perils of Unearned Wealth
29 Mar 2020

Scarcity is a tutor and when it is no longer there to restrain our appetites, only character remains.

In Order to Form a Less Perfect Union
13 Mar 2020

As things stand now, unions are wealth destroyers. It hasn't always been so, but it is now.

Our Siamese Twin
02 Mar 2020
What happens in China, doesn't stay in China. But would we want it any other way? Jerry Bowyer looks at this week's market wobbles and takes on the China bashers.
The Tech Chain-Store Massacre
19 Dec 2020
So dramatic are the advances in consumer electronics that they appear poised to supplant establishment items in a number of areas.
Why I Like Deficits
16 Nov 2020

A reporter once asked President Reagan if he had anything to say in defense of his deficits. "No" answered Reagan, "they're big enough to defend themselves." Deficits aren't big enough to defend themselves today. So I will.

What Would Jesus Tax?
08 Nov 2020
Intellectuals on the left wanted to keep the Bible out of public policy in the 1980s. Now some of them have switched to trying to get a 25% marginal tax rate on long-term capital gains out of St. Luke.
Sticking Our Necks Out
10 Oct 2020
We decided to bet on Bush and his tax cuts. Jerry Bowyer on why the record Dow means so much.
Census and Sensibility
15 Sep 2020
The Census-Bureau-Report-Labor-Day-Week, has now become the high holy day of the new secular religion of income equality.
'These Staff Reductions Are Due, In Part, to Our Productivity Initiatives'
01 Sep 2020
Judging the Times by the standard of the Times.
Profits or Pundits?
30 Aug 2020
What the Arab Wall-Street was telling us about the Israel/Hezbollah war in Lebanon.
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor... Arguments
21 Aug 2020
Surely the anti-immigration forces can do better than this.
That 70s No-Show
04 Aug 2020
The current rate of inflation is like having sex twice a week. More from Jerry Bowyer on the financial paradox of our age.
The Financial Paradox of Our Time?
07 Jul 2020
We're not much better at getting gold out of the ground than we were last century, but we're much better at getting wealth out of electrons. Jerry Bowyer explains why gold and the yield curve diverge.
The Renewal of the West
28 Jun 2020
The software of liberty runs on all varieties of human hardware. Jerry Bowyer explains how immigration reveals how you think.
The Border and the Boom
16 Jun 2020
Immigrants follow economic booms; and having followed them, they help strengthen them in turn.
Falling Down on the Jobs
26 Aug 2020
What do recent jobs numbers show us about the economy?