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Out of Fishermen's Hands… Fisherman's Role In Society and Natural Systems
By Gary Sharp : BIO, Books by Gary Sharp
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In “Out of Fishermen’s Hands…,” authors Gary D. Sharp, Menakhem Ben-Yami and James R. McGoodwin have tried to create a plain-speak description of the increasingly rapid degradation of the world's aquatic resources as humans swarm over the planet. Additionally, they have attempted to portray the frustrations of entire communities of fishers as their livelihoods are taken away by a range of activities including imperialism, e.g. 15th-20th Century colonization by European and Russian trappers, traders, and pirates of coastlines, rivers, and islands; overzealous political "development" schemes, e.g., hydro-electric dams and fleet subsidizations; industrial pollution, e.g., the Thames river, Minimata, the Great Lakes, The Aral and Black Sea; Equal Opportunity Capitalism and national greed, e.g., the demise of the great whales, and recently, entire ecosystems of George's Bank and Grand Banks, as well as the centuries of North Atlantic cod and herring wars; and the ever popular Highly Migratory Species ploy that makes what is in your EEZ, Mine...  Lastly, they see diverse fisherfolk as threatened, undervalued productive subcultures in a world where most people do not really know where their food comes from. It is to these millions of fishermen and women, and their cultures, that this book is dedicated.
Issue: Development and Globalization
Publisher: Self Published
Publish Date: 01 Jan 2021
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