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  Name: jimjimblund
  Subject: i like it and but signs on pro info peep apears as single opinion exprs.
  Date/Time: 01 Mar 2006, 2:13 PM
as a swedde i like the fast no nonsense graphic and the to a swede radical on the 'left- border to the vast within'
its refreshing not to mee th pc shorts, "evreybody must be invited" socialist idea of the none violationable carachter neigh nature.tru. but thay are not inviting everyone. if a parent being interested in mystical gnostisism and wicca and chaos magikk the socialauthoroty
(after now ref. "the soss") woul scratsh head none the wiser religion hmm better not go there,but if he/She being regared pot friendly and recreational using adults the kids can be lost to old lies turned tru in swden by media lack and few voices doin the talk walk'
its ok to dehumanifie "knarkare" a word mening forbidden substance ab/users- only abusers as singig a tom petty song of rolling joint could candidate as suspect and the sad group peeing telling wasteing polices time to be "good boys and lasses" and the communes solve security with private agancy that provide unform and a pamphlet instruction not to call the niggers blueniggers since its the pc of today.
these photosnaps pictures of unknown use mostly pix of the worn out poor or poss. criminal.as they do their guess work a personality register grows.illegal if documented for gov.use here informal and as with the yapping about he or her whatever sexhabits-it can hurt citicens byinuende.heresay truthifies if its repeted.(look at Iraq build up songs)and so truth of your reput and the very place among citisen as a citisen. They already know you growed maryjane winter 87 so no cash but a requsition slip on third the law stated sum to the rich folks store as the poor peeps get-the-junk places wont accept the slip.
Aww. i am born and raised in SWEDEN, were ever that was.
The high ropad to hell is plastered with good intentions.
The swedes do the plastering without delivering 20 at least.Palme-was shot 28/2 20 y ago.
i sit my down nd compose a requiem for the truth so easy and darned true it went as a gas and suddenly the Tage Da
nielsson humanistics had just the talk left. And some misunderstanding of propertis of 'secure' and 'free'.
no one can be safe in a burning ship at storm but its even harder to not sail at,swimming happy ashore.no, rereading old news to feel safi in my prison of habit and selfevident things like tuesdays and the strange concept of owninh(i came naked leaves with no thread as you,you money/powerjunkie.
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