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What a Strange Way to Wage a War
16 Nov 2020

What should we make of the idea that we should only fight wars that we know in advance that we'll win, even though no such creature exists? And that we only do so with an "exit strategy," which in every other part of the world means that sooner or later the Americans will bail?

Why Intellectuals Love Defeat
13 Nov 2020

'To see victory as a curse and defeat as moral purification and salvation is to combine the ancient idea of hubris with the Christian virtue of humility, catharsis with apocalypse. That such a concept should have its greatest resonance among the intelligentsia can be explained...' Josh Manchester on the ultimate dishonor.

"Like Rumsfeld, Only Smaller"
09 Nov 2020

A veteran of the march to Baghdad explains why the outgoing SecDef may be known as the greatest change agent of all time.

Government in Time of War
03 Nov 2020

Both the Republican Congress and President Bush have long been condemned for not living up to their conservative credentials. But are these critiques missing something? Josh Manchester explores.

The Most Dangerous Game
27 Oct 2020
"Be a realist. The world is made up of two classes -- the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are hunters." Are you? Josh Manchester on the hunting of men by other men, on the battlefield, in cyberspace and beyond.
The Wisdom of Survivalist Crowds
23 Oct 2020
Americans know something very bad is going to happen sooner rather than later and are preparing accordingly.
Sic Semper Tyrannis
12 Oct 2020
Conceiving of tyrants as crazy is both incorrect and dangerous... you might say it's crazy. Josh Manchester on why we need a proper understanding of tyranny.
Stalking the Hermit
06 Oct 2020
The Proliferation Security Initiative is working. It's time to double-down.
War Continuation Insurance?
05 Oct 2020
How the West can use its most advanced developments, such as free markets, in the prosecution of the war and the guarantee of the security of civilization.
From Checklist to Checkmate
28 Sep 2020
In combat, checklists are used regularly, but they are meant to put potential problems to sleep. In airport security though, the checklist is the goal, rather than the actions that it enables security personnel to then take.
Is Democracy the "Countercause"?
15 Sep 2020
Classic counterinsurgency doctrine requires a cause to counter that of the insurgents. Is democracy enough?
Bipolar Disorder: America's Schizophrenic View of Warfare
30 Aug 2020
Our attempts to compare every conflict to World War II (ideal) or Vietnam (unideal) hinder our ability to fight different kinds of wars, including the current one. Josh Manchester explains.
Unfrozen Caveman Voter
16 Aug 2020
The basic war-fighting spirit of the American people is currently frozen in time. What politician can initiate a thaw?
Furst in His Class
09 Aug 2020
A TCS Daily conversation with Alan Furst, master of the historical spy novel.
Shaken and Stirred
21 Jul 2020
The strategic advantages created by the invasion of Iraq are working very favorably for the United States in the present crisis. Josh Manchester explains.
Defining Binladenism
17 Jul 2020
Perhaps instead of a "quick-hit, political campaign-like approach" to public diplomacy, the US should gird itself for a long struggle of ideas and all of the conversations and debates that struggle will entail.