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European Dawn - After the Social Model
by Johnny Munkhammar
Western Europe is in deep trouble. Growth is low, unemployment is high, most people are dependent on the state and welfare services are falling apart. Yet most politicians defend the European Social Model. Reforms merely scratch the surface.   But the Model is not the solution to our problems—it is the problem. The high taxes put a brake on growth, the regulated labour market stops new jobs and public monopolies can’t deliver welfare services.    Forces like the international competition and the demographic situation make the need for radical reform desperate. Without reform, a collapse is coming. But if we decrease the size of the state and liberate the forces of development, Western Europe will face a new dawn.   Many other countries have done it with great success. It is no secret what can be done, all it takes is political will. Facts and reality speak for themselves. This book shows what should be done and why.
Issue: Economics and Regulation
Publisher: Stockholm Network
Publish Date: 01 Dec 2020
Number of Pages: 191
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