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Sprawl: A Compact History
By Robert Bruegmann : BIO, Books by Robert Bruegmann
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Taking a long view of urban development, Robert Bruegmann demonstrates that sprawl is neither recent nor particularly American but as old as cities themselves, just as characteristic of ancient Rome and eighteenth-century Paris as it is of Atlanta or Los Angeles. Nor is sprawl the disaster claimed by many contemporary observers. Although sprawl, like any settlement pattern, has undoubtedly produced problems that must be addressed, it has also provided millions of people with the kinds of mobility, privacy, and choice that were once the exclusive prerogatives of the rich and powerful.
Issue: Energy and Environment
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Publish Date: 01 Nov 2020
Number of Pages: 264
Reviews and Articles
"Learning to Love Sprawl" by Glenn Harlan Reynolds (08 Dec 2020)
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