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Good and Plenty: The Creative Successes of American Arts Funding
By Tyler Cowen : BIO, Books by Tyler Cowen
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In his new book, author Tyler Cowen argues why the U.S. way of funding the arts, while largely indirect, results not in the terrible and the small but in Good and Plenty--and how it could result in even more and better.

Arguing that American art thrives through an ingenious combination of small direct subsidies and immense indirect subsidies such as copyright law and tax policies that encourage nonprofits and charitable giving, Cowen reasons that this decentralized and even somewhat accidental--but decidedly not laissez-faire--system results in arts that are arguably more creative, diverse, abundant, and politically unencumbered than that of Europe.

Issue: Economics and Regulation
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publish Date: 17 Apr 2020
Number of Pages: 206
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