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Reviving the Invisible Hand: The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century
By Deepak Lal : BIO, Books by Deepak Lal
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Reviving the Invisible Hand is an uncompromising call for a global return to a classical liberal economic order, free of interference from governments and international organizations. Arguing for a revival of the invisible hand of free international trade and global capital, eminent economist Deepak Lal vigorously defends the view that statist attempts to ameliorate the impact of markets threaten global economic progress and stability. And in an unusual move, Lal not only defends globalization economically, but also answers the cultural and moral objections of antiglobalizers.
Issue: Development and Globalization
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publish Date: 03 Jul 2020
Number of Pages: 334
Reviews and Articles
"A Liberal, Radical and Progressive Manifesto" by Tim Worstall (14 Aug 2020)
What's the Big Idea? Podcast with Deepak Lal ( 03 Aug 2020)
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