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Watching the Watchdog: Bloggers As the Fifth Estate
By Stephen D. Cooper : BIO, Books by Stephen D. Cooper
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Watching the Watchdog discusses how the blogosphere is in the process of maturing into a full-fledged social institution, albeit a non-traditional one: emergent, self-organizing, and self-regulating. The metaphor of watchdog has long been popular as shorthand for the structural role of the free press in a representative democracy. ... But what of that watchdog’s leash? If the people need a watchdog to make sure the institution of government does not abuse the power they have granted it, would there not be a need for a comparable check on the press, as a social institution with power in its own right? ... This little book is not intended as either an endorsement or a criticism of the ideological or political views of any bloggers ... Instead, this work is intended as an exploration of the distinct types of media criticism which have evolved in the blogosphere ... .
Issue: Internet, Communications and Media
Publisher: Marquette Books
Publish Date: 12 Jun 2020
Number of Pages: 355
Reviews and Articles
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