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Natural Religion
By Frederick Turner : BIO, Books by Frederick Turner
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There is widespread belief that the world's religions contradict each other. It follows that if one religion is true, the others must be false - an assumption that implies, and may actually create, religious strife. In Natural Religion, poet, critic and essayist Frederick Turner sets out to show that the natural world offers grounds for stating that all religions are in some respect true.

Through the ages, various ways have been proposed to resolve religious differences. Some argue for the destruction of all religions but one's own. Others substitute an abstract principle for the real ritual and moral practice of religion. Still others doubt all religions truth and, consequently, all truth. Others accept a kind of pluralistic relativism. This book explores syneretism, whereby all religions are seen as grasping the same strange and complex reality, but by very different means and handles. The idea that all religions are true raises a supervening question: if so, what must the real physical universe be like? Turner approaches these questions in terms of scientific inquiry.

Issue: Science and Technology
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Publish Date: 31 May 2020
Number of Pages: 307
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