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The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men's Style
By Nicholas Antongiavanni : BIO, Books by Nicholas Antongiavanni
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Drawing inspiration from Machiavelli's The Prince, Antongiavanni has crafted an essential handbook for the ambitious man who recognizes that smart and stylish appearance is a lever to power. From neckties to footwear, belts to suspenders, lapels to handkerchiefs, The Suit leaves no garment or accessory untouched and will inject a dose of good taste into your closet. The debates over double-breasted vs. single, two-buttons vs. three, English vs. Italian, and many others are settled with wit by Antongiavanni's wealth of knowledge in the art of dress.
Issue: Politics and Law
Publisher: Collins
Publish Date: 23 May 2020
Number of Pages: 240
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