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Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Economy
By Keith E. Maskus : BIO, Books by Keith E. Maskus
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The new global system emerging from Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) comes with benefits as well as costs. Their increasing importance raises international economic policy questions that evoke impassioned and exaggerated claims from both advocates and opponents of stronger property rights in information. In his book, Keith E. Maskus examines these competing claims through a comprehensive analysis of the economic impacts of extended international protection and partial harmonization of IPRs. Bringing together recent studies of various aspects of the issue, Maskus provides new quantitative and qualitative analyses. Maskus presents findings that will be applied to a number of important policy questions on the very new phenomenon of IPRs.
Issue: Intellectual Property
Publisher: Institute for International Economics
Publish Date: 01 Aug 2020
Number of Pages: 270
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