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The Spirit And Science Of Holistic Health: More Than Broccoli, Jogging, And Bottled Water More Than Yoga, Herbs, And Meditation
By Jonathan Robison, PhD, MS : BIO, Books by Jonathan Robison, PhD, MS
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In their book “The Spirit and Science of Holistic Health,” co-authors Jon Robinson and Karen Carrier propose that the major health crises in the United States are not about heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, or obesity, but rather they are about violence, prejudice, social isolation and runaway materialism.  Through this book, an invitation is extended to health professionals to rethink our current understanding of health, illness and the process of healing and to set a new course to improve the quality of the human experience. 
Issue: Health and Medicine
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publish Date: 30 Apr 2020
Number of Pages: 456
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