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  Subject: The People Have Spoken - For Higher Energy Costs?
  Date/Time: 08 Dec 2006, 2:39 PM
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The People Have Spoken - For Higher Energy Costs? by TCS Daily
Solutions? by dbt3481
The Greens don't like nuclear power by ColinH
I agree by dbt3481
Not quite by ColinH
Greed is the disease, Greens are the Penacilin by acougar
I'm not interested in the slightest by ColinH
The Green manifesto is.... by Somerled
Greens emit carbon dioxide by JonathanSwift
Utopian State by dbt3481
greens are against all development, unless you are building their house. by MarkTheGreat
Correction, the Greens didn't like Nuclear power by acougar
The Post article by ColinH
I agree by acougar
I agree with your sentiments by ColinH
Greenies by JohnMinn
Election's over, gas prices headed back above $3.... by Lemuel
Right Wing by dbt3481
Hey, I'm sure it's all just a huge coincidence by Lemuel
Coincidence..., by firetoice
Look at the graph! of course it's basic economics by Lemuel
Perhaps, ... by firetoice
Of course it's just the ordinary beginng of the winter heating season. by Lemuel
The secret to multi-variate analysis is... by firetoice
But wait - you were sure that it was the heating oil changeover by Lemuel
I said no such thing, nor did I imply it. by firetoice
Sure, there's always all kinds of factors by Lemuel
I am not "sure" the election wasn't a factor. by firetoice
I'm fine with that. by Lemuel
You're the one made the allegation by ColinH
I made no "allegation" by Lemuel
Of course you did by ColinH
that's a record for eric by MarkTheGreat
Heh by dbt3481
I said it was an interesting coincidence by Lemuel
US election not relevant by ColinH
Hey, any excuse will do. by Lemuel
Not my fault by ColinH
Then maybe you can supply the parallel graph for this year by Lemuel
Here it is by ColinH
Thanks; it does show what you said. by Lemuel
There's another aspect to this by ColinH
No coincidence by shoes2
in other words by bobjones
Que? by shoes2
Bouncing gas prices... by Joanie
It is possible by dbt3481
dbt...you may find this interesting by Joanie
Total cost of energy by LiberalGoodman
The cost to the consumer by ColinH
Opinion polls... by firetoice
Energy Policy and Congress by taBonfils
Government funding of research by fborger
research by MarkTheGreat
National Security and Government Policy by taBonfils
anything congress prioritizes, inevitably falls further behind by MarkTheGreat
thats really a poor response Mark by bobjones
hmm, accuracy is now a poor response by MarkTheGreat
Carbon by lfstevens
Dems want the exploit the issue in a way that keeps the greens from voting for them rather than the by Floccina
Basic Research by taBonfils
Cars need oil for lubrication... by Cooltruth
what a bunch of garbage by bobjones
Free Market by dbt3481
Bingo by Stephen
MANDATE?? by JohnMinn
now that we've heard from the lunatic fringe, can we get back on topic? by MarkTheGreat
A word from the lunatic fringe by JohnMinn
ah yes, the old, everyone but me is either a part of the conspiracy, or duped by it. by MarkTheGreat
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