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Submission Guidelines
TCS Daily is one of the most influential online opinion journals publishing today. We are proud of our loyal and growing worldwide audience, with visitors from government, media, public policy organizations, industry, think tanks, academia and the investing world. TCS publishes daily original commentary, news and analysis, focused on economics, business, foreign affairs, technology, science, the environment, trade, and culture.
Guidelines for Submitting Content to TCS Daily
  • TCS is most interested in novel articles that tell readers something they don’t already know. Special consideration will be given to pieces that include original reporting. Prior to submitting an article, please contact one of our editors for topic approval. This will increase the chances of an article being published quickly.
  • Articles should be 600 to 800 words in length, unless prior approval for a longer article is obtained from a TCS editor.
  • The article should be original material for TCS that has not previously appeared in another publication (although we will consider pieces previously published in another language).
  • If you reference newspaper articles or other source material, please provide hyperlinks.
  • We prefer to receive submissions as a Microsoft Word document; however, we can also use text sent directly in email messages.
  • If the article is the first time you’ve been published on TCS, provide us with a short bio that will be displayed with the article. Writers can also submit a photograph to be displayed with the article (optional).
  • Writers are compensated only for work that is published on TCS. TCS editorial staff reserves the right to reject any submitted article.

If you would like to pitch the TCS editorial staff on a story idea, please submit your article concept to , Editor.